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Ellie is a DONA International certified doula and trained with DONA co-founder, Penny Simkin as a doula trainer. She is currently involved in workshop to train HypnoBirthing Doulas and HypnoBirthing Educators, HypnoBirthing®, Preparations for birth and workshops to train professional labor assistants

Introduction to Labor Support - Level I
Presents the dynamics of labor and birth, how to be a skilled companion during childbirth, and how to soothe and comfort a laboring woman.

Basic Doula Training - Level 2
Covers in-depth labor support strategies, the role of the doula within the medical framework, guidelines for pre and postnatal contact with clients, how to deal with problem labors and unexpected outcomes, how to contribute to breastfeeding success, and specific tips for setting up practice as a doula.

Level 1 Workshop fee is $150. Level 2 is $450. Workshop are held at various locations throughout Los Angeles and South Bay.

For more information please fill out our registration form and vist for steps to certification.

Training Workshops in Your Area

To arrange a doula training in your area which meets your specific needs for date,location and format, contact us by phone:310-326-2764 or e-mail

Advantages of arranging local doula trainings:

  1. Workshop fee is waived for sponsor of the workshop
  2. Convenience for location, dates and timing
  3. Combined Level I and II workshops available

Consider sponsoring a workshop and receive one registration at no cost. A sponsor makes local arrangements, does publicity and sign-ups. Hospitals, massage centers and individual groups of women have hosted doula trainings while providing convenience and affordability to the participants.


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